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Innovative Ammunition Technologies, LLC

Innovative Ammunition Technologies, LLC was founded by Brad Martin and is located in Worley, Idaho.

brad_martinA graduate from Trinidad State Junior College’s gunsmithing program, Brad has worked in various areas of gunsmithing for over 25 years.

His passion for shooting and the sport of guns prompted him to develop a new tool to make reloading more efficient. He is proud to introduce “The Receiver”. This revolutionary accessory will clear the clutter from your work bench and provide a safe and more spacious work area.

Busting Our Brass To Bring You Yours!

The Receiver

A passion for reloading often comes with a counter filled with reloaders permanently mounted to a work surface. Say goodbye to the clutter and inability to use your re-loading bench for other hobbies you enjoy.

“The Receiver” mounts into your counter and comes with mounting plates for your re-loader to fasten to, so you can slide reloading machines out when you are not using them and fill the space with an attractive powder coated cover plate. The result is a clean counter that can be used for other purposes.

Custom Firearms

AT is proud to offer rifles in the AR Platform. Fitted and assembled with parts made in the USA!
We also offer custom bolt action rifles for competition, long distance, varmint and hunting. As well as a Glock Side Charging Pistol.
Finish Work

Blueing, Parkerizing, Anodized, and Cerakote

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Rifle Options

Match Triggers, Barrel threading, Muzzle breaks

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Rifle Optics

Drilling & Tapping, Scope Mounting, Sight-In

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Other Services

Gunsmithing and Load Development

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We specialize in providing the highest quality new and remanufactured ammunition and reloading accessories. Our ammunition is excellent for sport and competition shooting and all our brass is re loadable.

The ammunition offered by IAT is once fired brass, fully processed and reloaded to highest industry standards. This ammunition is boxer primed, non-corrosive and reloadable.

Factory Remanufactured Ammo

For shooters that train extensively, our remanufactured line offers rugged dependability at an affordable price.

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New Rifle & Pistol Ammo

Whether you are hunting, target shooting or competition shooting, IAT LLC’s new ammo is designed to provide you with optimum results.

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